Shipping $5 only, no matter how many items you buy!
Shipping $5 only, no matter how many items you buy!
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What (or Who) is SILVER & FREE?

Thank you for checking this page!

My name is Yuliya and I have been covering gray for 20 years. Silver & Free was born as a result of simple decision to stop dying my hair. 

For most of my life I lived in the places where the gray hair is almost a taboo.

Gray hair is like stigma showing that you are a lazy woman who let yourself go. So, for many years I dyed it, just like everybody else, and I didn't question why.

Because that is what women do, they hide gray hair, right?

I was inspired to stop dying when I moved to Canada and saw so many gorgeous silver haired women around me. At that moment the idea of going gray was exciting and scary.

I always thought that being in my thirties, I'm way too young to go gray. Probably I should wait till I hit 40 or 50. :) I decided to give it a try and I could never imagine how liberating this would be and how much support and inspiration I will find online!

Silver & Free is our family business run from home. Designs are created in Calgary, where I live now and printed in the US. We use cotton and Eco-friendly dyes to make T-shirts and accessories that make you happy. And we do our best to reduce waste in fashion through made-to-order apparel. 

We'd love hearing from you too!  So feel free to reach out to us here with any questions or order concerns you may have. 

And if you feel like sharing how you wear our products, we'd love to see!  Follow us on Instagram and tag #silverandfree in your pics!  

For requests or wholesale inquiries, please send me a message. Thanks!