Shipping $5 only, no matter how many items you buy!
Shipping $5 only, no matter how many items you buy!
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Get discounted clothes,

make money,

and help inspire women  

We have created this Ambassador Program to put our marketing money in the hands of our customers instead of useless social media advertising. We want to reward our most loyal Silver Sisters with a crazy discount while helping them make a 10% commission on every purchase they help make possible.

We are looking for a team of awesome Silver Sisters who believe in our mission to spread powerful messages about gray hair, embracing aging, and redefining beauty standards.

About half of all applications get approved! The most important factor we look for in Ambassador is their selfie skill. Are your photos well lit and have good contrast or are they blurry and yellow with too many filters? If your account is on private or you don’t have any selfies on your Instagram, your application will be rejected automatically.

We review applications everyday, so if you receive a welcome email you are in and don’t forget to check your spam folder! 

  • 45% personal discount on all apparel and accessories.
  • Up to 10% commission on all sales
  • 30-day cookie - You get credit for any orders within 30 days of the original click placed by the customer
  • Exclusive monthly newsletters with special promotions, content, and codes that you can adapt for your own marketing efforts

You are on your way to becoming a paid Ambassador

1. Sign up with all your details. 

You’ll get approved if you have good engagement with your following and some awesome selfie skills.

2. Get your first discount code. 

A welcome email will arrive with your 45% off code to make your first Silver & Free purchase.

3. Get the goods to photograph

Get creative with photos by taking well-lit selfies and flat lays for you to post on social media.

4. Post selfies and get paid

LeadDyno will track your sales in real time. Then you get paid via PayPal on the first of each month.