Silver and Free …

Is not only about the hair...

Silver & Free is all about attitude. It’s an overt acknowledgement we’ve earned our freedom to be beautiful and confident the way we are today. That we’re confident enough to embody unique fashion statements and glory in the classical beauty of maturity.

Welcoming each transition is the true secret to staying young.  And this is what sets today’s woman apart from those who preceded her. The Silver & Free woman radiates self-assurance, humor, and a joy de vivre that is unparalleled. Why? Because she is herself.  Inside and out.  No matter the color of her hair; no matter her age when the gray and silver become predominate.

We’ve earned every strand of silver hair; just like we’ve earned every ounce of wisdom we accrue over the years.  Note, I say wisdom … that’s a lot different from knowledge.  Knowledge we actively seek; wisdom finds us.  Experience brings it to each of us.  Right along with the silver.

Remember Peter Pan?  J.M. Barrie’s whimsical story of the eternal child who refused to grow up … until he realized he was missing out on more than he gained.  There’s a certain analogy between Peter Pan and discovering our first gray hairs or simply getting tired of hiding them.  We can fight age … or relish it. Silver & Free is all about relishing it.

For me this means doing what I love. Being with those I love. Making people smile and feel good about themselves.  Ultimately, it means loving myself.  As I am today.

Silver & Free began as a fun way to announce to the world I was tired of disguising who I am today - a gray haired woman of indeterminate age. One who loves tee-shirts and totes.  Then Silver & Free grew into something else.  It morphed into a mission for advocating the acceptance of, and love for, who we are today.  It transformed into the Silver Sisterhood of proud and elegant mature beauty.

Acquiring the ability to accept and love oneself is what Silver & Free is all about. We share the message with humor and an inevitable sense of chic style.  Tees to totes to… ?  We’re keeping that a secret for now.

Every design is an original; created by independent fashion and textile designers specifically for Silver & Free.  Every order is handcrafted of the softest cotton and printed using eco-friendly water-based dyes. We print upon purchase so you can rest assured your order has not been sitting in a warehouse gathering dust.

Join the Silver Sisterhood in celebrating our wisdom, style, and joyous freedom.

With love,