We are proud to be gray!

We are proud to be gray!

Graying hair doesn’t happen at the same age for everyone. Some heads are blessed before others. Like all of life’s treasures, grays come when they are supposed to and not a second before. Others may judge your appearance, believing that graying hair should only happen after a certain age. Yet, let the naive laugh or attempt to taunt.

Natural beauty is for the daring. It is for those who can show their true colors. So, stand tall. Show off your gorgeous, natural hair and inspire those women who still deny their roots. 

Be proud of yourself for being on this natural adventure that others only wish they could join. Regardless of the negative criticisms or unsolicited advice that may occur, enjoy being an example to other women.

Some will watch from afar and take notes. Others may only get a glimpse of your beauty and forever be impacted.

So walk with pride every day knowing that you’ve done something courageous by simply being. Self-expression doesn’t stop with what clothes you wear or how you speak. It includes how you feel about yourself and how well you carry that in public. Delight yourself in the stares and commentary as you walk by. When others would have wanted to hide away their grays, you displayed yours.

And no salon visit was needed, either.

And this is what our new PROUD TO BE GRAY collection is about.

 Available in two spellings: PROUD TO BE GRAY and PROUD TO BE GREY

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Tank tops in sizes XS-XL.

Tri-blend t-shirts in sizes SX-4XL

Sweatshirts in sizes S-5XL


Hoodies in sizes S-5XL

And if you are not a sweatshirt person, we also have mugs and stickers.


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